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Mab Zab Music


Mab Zab Music is the music publishing arm of Banana Records.  Since 1982 we have been publishing and promoting great music through our affiliation with Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI).

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If you are a songwriter, you need to publish your music.  If not through us… than through somebody!  Your songs are your intellectual property, and they need to be protected and promoted.  Who knows, even if you don’t score a hit with one of your songs, some other artist may.  Once your songs are published by Mab Zab Music, any future performances or re-recordings are credited to you.

Publishing with Mab Zab Music is easy and FREE.  Just submit your sound recordings to jim @ bananarecords.net, and if we like your material, we will help you navigate the exciting world of publishing and promoting your works.

Keep writing!!!

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