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 Welcome To Discerning Music Fans Everywhere...

To the World Wide Web home of Banana Records! Banana Records released its first record in 1982 - long before the debut of that entity known as the internet - but here we are!

Banana Records traces its history in Cleveland to as far back as 1973, when it emerged as a concept in the heads of a few music heads plying the scene in those long ago times. Please feel free to explore these pages. You'll find a concise history of Banana on the about page, you can explore the Banana stable of artists, and purchase their material. You can also check out Mab Zab Music publishing, which continues to be operational and can handle your music publishing needs. (Protect that intellectual property, folks!)

Thanks for visiting, and send us email with any questions/additions/subtractions.

Breaking News from Banana Records...

Mab Zab Best of 2020
Zabby Winners Announced!

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Left to right: Paul Nickels receiving Producer and Drummer of the Year awards;
our double masked host Mick Butter showing his concern for the large crowd, and the fabulously wealthy Tom Fayen receiving his Zabby for "Most Extravagant Lifestyle."

Mab Zab Best of 2020 Zabby Winners

Best Guitar Player:  Aluminumalloy

Best Bassist: Mark Bluhm

Best Drummer: Paul Nickels

Best Keyboards:  La Farrell

Best Male Vocalist:  Mick Butter

Best Female Vocalist:  Jinni Fontana

Best Band:  Vanity Crash

Best Mansion:  Ryel Parma Mansion

Best Bar: Butterfield Game Room & Pool Hall

Biggest Disappointment:  COVID-19 

Comeback of the Year:  The Cleveland Browns

Best Couple:  Pat & Patsy Malloy

Handsomest Man:  Rock Handsome

Best Banana: Chiquita

Best Producer:  Paul Nickels

Most Beautiful Girl in the World:  Kathleen Fayen

Most Extravagant Lifestyle:  Tom Fayen



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