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Welcome Discerning Music Fans!

To the World Wide Web home of Banana Records! Banana Records released its first record in 1982 - long before the debut of that entity known as the internet - but here we are!

Banana Records traces its history in Cleveland to as far back as 1973, when it emerged as a concept in the heads of a few music heads plying the scene in those long ago times. Please feel free to explore these pages. You'll find a concise history of Banana on the about page, you can explore the Banana stable of artists, and purchase their material. You can also check out Mab Zab Music publishing, which continues to be operational and can handle your music publishing needs. (Protect that intellectual property, folks!) And of course, there is the Banana Store, where you can buy select titles from archived and current Banana artists.

Thanks for visiting, and send us email with any questions/additions/subtractions.

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"Another Day In Paradise”

ADIP Front Cover

Butterfield 8 New Release Now Available for CD Purchase

Visit the Banana Records Store Here to place your order today!

The record is also available on all streaming services now, and you can purchase a digital download here: 

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"Renaissance Man"
The new single from Banana Recording Artist Paul Nickels

Mab Zab 2022 Extravaganza

Mab Zab 2022

 The Mab Zab Extravaganza and Awards Ceremony, commemorating the 49th anniversary of Mab Zab Ltd., was held on February 19, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio.  A splendid time was had by all.  A list of the "Best of 2021" Zabby winners is below.

Mark your calendar for the big 50th anniversary extravaganza which will be held on Saturday, February 18, 2023.

The Winners:

Best Guitar Player: Rick Christyson

Best Bassist: Mark Bluhm

Best Drummer: Rock Handsome

Best Keyboards:  La Farrell

Best Male Vocalist: Les Vincent

Best Female Vocalist:  Jinni Fontana

Best Band:  Butterfield 8

Best Producer:  Paul Nickels

Best Album:  “With Friends Like These” – Paul Nickels

Best Song:  ”Pavlov’s Cat” (Terry Hartman)

Best Mansion:  Ryel Parma Mansion

Best Bar: Jolly Shagger

Biggest Disappointment:  Last Year’s Extravaganza Attendance 

Comeback of the Year:  Bob Burford

Best Couple:  Leen & Bryant Zowie

Handsomest Man:  Brockly Spears

Most Beautiful Girl in the World:  Penny Seko

Most Extravagant Lifestyle:  Pat Malloy

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Luckiest Guy In The World Cover

Luckiest Guy In The World CDs Now Available

The new 10-song album by Butterfield 8 is now available as a compact disc.  This a limited-edition pressing, so when they’re gone…..they’re gone.  The CDs are $12.00 each including postage.  Preferred payment methods are PayPal or Venmo (see below), but if you don’t want to use either of those payment methods, just email us at, and we will make sure you get a copy.

Venmo: @bananarecords

If you don’t have access to either of these payment methods, simply email Jim Butterfield at: and we will make sure we take care of you.

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History of Banana Records Podcast

The Listen Project Logo

Banana Records President Jim Butterfield recently sat down with Chris Noga from “The Listen Project” to discuss the history of Banana Records.  The Listen Project is an internet radio program that features music released by Northeast Ohio musicians circa 1975 – present.  The radio station can be found online here.

They broadcast 24/7/365, and the playlist is VERY complete.  Chris puts a lot of effort into providing a comprehensive and eclectic mix of Cleveland-area music.  Outside of a few hard-core Mab Zabbers, he has one of the few complete collections of the Banana Records catalog.

The one-hour interview with Jim is archived here.

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'With Friends Like These' Now Available
In CD Format, All Streaming Services

With Friends Like These Album Cover

With Friends Like These,” the first solo record by Cleveland area musician and Banana Records artist Paul Nickels, is now available through all streaming services and for purchase as a CD.

Click Here to Order Your Copy Now from the Banana Store.

Learn more about Nickels at

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Jim Butterfield In The Studio
Jim Butterfield at Handsome Studio laying down some tracks.


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