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Welcome Discerning Music Fans!

To the World Wide Web home of Banana Records! Banana Records released its first record in 1982 - long before the debut of that entity known as the internet - but here we are!

Banana Records traces its history in Cleveland to as far back as 1973, when it emerged as a concept in the heads of a few music heads plying the scene in those long ago times. Please feel free to explore these pages. You'll find a concise history of Banana on the about page, you can explore the Banana stable of artists, and purchase their material. You can also check out Mab Zab Music publishing, which continues to be operational and can handle your music publishing needs. (Protect that intellectual property, folks!) And of course, there is the Banana Store, where you can buy select titles from archived and current Banana artists.

Thanks for visiting, and send us email with any questions/additions/subtractions.

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Announcing the Best of 2022
Zabby Award Winners!

2022 zabbies

Banana Records is proud to announce the winners of the Mab Zab "Best of 2022 Zabby Awards" which were presented at the 50th Anniversary Mab Zab Extravaganza, held on February 18, 2023 in Florida, USA.  Once again, Banana Records artists had a GREAT showing, claiming 17 of the coveted awards.

Best Guitar Player: Brian Butterfield
Best Bassist:
Bryant Zowie
John Adams
Best Drummer:
John Adams
Best Keyboards: 
Leen Gallagher
Best Male Vocalist:
Les Vincent
Best Female Vocalist: 
Colleen Croniger
Best Band: 
Butterfield 8
Best Producer: 
Paul Nickels
Best Album: 
Another Day In Paradise” – Butterfield 8
Best Song: 
”Renaissance Man” (Paul Nickels, written by Jim Butterfield)
Best Mansion: 
McLaren Chautauqua Octomansion
Best Bar:
Jolly Shagger
Biggest Disappointment: 
Tribe Name Change 
Comeback of the Year: 
Peggy Ryel
Best Couple: 
Bill & Peggy Hayes
Handsomest Man: 
Glenn McLaren
Most Beautiful Girl in the World: 
Patsy Malloy
Most Extravagant Lifestyle: 
Pat Malloy

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2023 Off To A Fast Start At Banana Records!
Multiple New Releases In Progress

Banana Records is ramping up for a banner release year in 2023.  At least three major releases are being worked on and are in various stages of completion. 

Paul NickelsFirst, Paul Nickels has been hard at work compiling another collection of songs for release as a follow-up to 2021’s “With Friends Like These”.  Once again, this solo release will contain songs penned by both Paul, and friends in the music business that he has worked with over the years.  As a preview to the album, Paul released “Renaissance Man’, written by fellow Banana Record artist Jim Butterfield.  The single, available on all streaming services is a credit to Paul’s maturation as both producer and artist.  The only definitive thing we can report about the new release (working title: “Honor and Doom") is that it will be available sometime in 2023.  When reached for comment, all Paul would say was “…it definitely won’t be a 20-song album this time." Let’s hope it’s more than 20, because the world needs more from this eclectic artist.

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Next is a special surprise for all long-time Banana/Mab Zab followers.  Les Vincent (Les Vincent & The Tree Toads) is finally going to record his original tunes for a 2023 Banana Records release.  Les hooked up with Jim Butterfield and Paul Nickels to finally record some classic tunes that he wrote years ago.  His release will also include newly=written songs, and some select reworkings of classics.  Les is recording demo versions at his new studio in Massachusetts and Paul is engineering/producing the tracks at his Handsome Recording Studio in Bay Village, OH.  Jim is helping with some of the instrumentation and production from his Banana Studios South location.  The trio plan to get together in the Spring to put the final touches on this soon-to-be classic.  When asked what the release might be titled, Mr. Vincent stated “it definitely won’t be called “Combat Rock (or How The West Was Won)”. 

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Jim Butterfield In The StudioFinally, Banana Records President Jim Butterfield is at it again.  Jim is working on a new album for a release in 2023.  He has stated that he wants to release one album per year for the foreseeable future, because, as he says “I’m not getting any younger." 
When the release date gets closer, we will hold another contest on these pages to name the new album.

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Recent Banana Releases

"Another Day In Paradise”

ADIP Front Cover

Butterfield 8 New Release Now Available for CD Purchase

Visit the Banana Records Store Here to place your order today!

The record is also available on all streaming services now, and you can purchase a digital download here: 

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"Renaissance Man"
The new single from Banana Recording Artist Paul Nickels
Available now on all streaming services

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